Donate for the treatment of dogs and help them to lead a good life.

Many street animals die because of insufficient care and medical help. We are Friendicoes and are a community of people who are very much concerned about poor street dogs. We are taking proper measures so that no street dog dies of improper medial reachability. Although we have a proper team of veterinarians, who will look after these dogs until they can completely fit. Moreover, you as a person can make donation for treatment of dogs.

We have seen that people deliberately hit these animals while they are crossing roads or are sleeping on roadsides. If you have an injured dog in your locality that is starving for medical help then you can individually make an initiative and take them to us. Additionally, if you are lacking sources then you can inform us of the locality. We will make proper arrangements to bring them to our health centres. Apart from helping these dogs individually, you can donate a part of your income every month. So that we can cure more and more street dogs with each increasing day.

How can I donate at Friendicoes?

Generally, street dogs are not vaccinated that’s why people are afraid to feed them. But if we do proper vaccination in each location the people can feed them without the fear of biting. To donate money, you can either visit the Friendicoes website or can contact us on the number provided on this website.

Friendicoes will make sure to vaccinate each dog staying on the streets of Delhi. Apart from the normal vaccination, we are taking care of senior dogs and abandoned pets. Dogs with a serious spinal injury and broken bones will get immediate medical supervision from our veterinarian. If you are staying in a village nearby Delhi but don’t have money to vaccinate your pets then also you contact us. We will make sure to vaccinate your dogs, provide medical help to paralyzed and abandoned dogs in the village.

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