Contact Help Every Buddy to look after the deprived and miserable street dogs:

Our main aim is to help distressed stray animals who are lost, need shelter, or require medical help. At many places in Delhi NCR, we have seen that street dogs died of poor health conditions and lack of sufficient food. They cannot tell their problems. It is we who have to understand the pain of these animals. They have to go through many types of diseases or accidents. Our organization is helping such dogs by providing shelter and medical facilities so that they can lead happy lives. We provide food, shelter, grooming, health facilities, and other sorts of help to all breeds of dogs. We have rescued more than enough dogs from the streets of Delhi NCR and successfully provided them shelter and medical aid.


There are many reasons to choose us as a shelter provider for street dogs. Our shelters are equipped with all the basic amenities that a dog rescue shelter should have. We have our own experienced Veterinary who has years of experience in curing dogs. They will not only take care of the health of these rescued dogs but also provide them healthy food. The food prepared for dogs has an abundance of calcium, potassium, and other nutrients. Apart from this, we arrange activities and health camps in various locations inside Delhi NCR. People can visit our camps for the vaccination and treatment of foster dogs.

Help Every Buddy is a Delhi NCR-based organization and has multiple centres in the capital region. If there is a street dog near your location that is starving for food or having medical complications then you can contact us for help. We will immediately send our volunteers there with first-aid to make them get out of that condition. We have shelters in different locations that enable us to reach the nearby place in the shortest time. You can visit our website for the list of shelters near your location.

NGO Help Every Buddy

How we support every buddy:

Apart from stepping up for rescuing the dogs, we have chosen these healthy strategies for their fast-paced betterment:



We believe in offering as much affection as possible for



Our dog rescue team feeds all street dogs for their healthy sustenance.


Medical care

We keep in touch with eminent veterinary doctors to provide enhanced medical care to dogs.



We provide shelter to street dogs to keep them safe and relaxed.



We aim at encouraging humanity and affection for dogs. A little contribution from you can make us capable enough to support and rescue a large number of dogs with our ambulance service and medical and shelter services. We need to develop a cordial mindset to protect the dogs and let them live their lives to the fullest in a healthy atmosphere.


Besides other support, we appreciatively welcome the help through these things from you:

Old Car

(preferably a SUV) in running condition for official use and errands

Old Furniture

(both home and office use)

Cleaning Supplies



Dettol & Savlon

Food Supplies

Rice, Oats, Flour, Dog Food (Preferred brand Hills), Cat food (brands preferred Meow & Whiskas), Egg trays

Medical Supplies

Cotton Rolls, Syringes (3ml & 5ml)

Pet Products

Leashes, Collars, Shampoos, Toys


(both still & video)


In working condition

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