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Friendicoes is providing shelter and food to street dogs. If you want to do any kind of help with cash or by providing food for these puppies and dogs then you can contact us. As we know that most parts of the metropolitan cities are occupied by skyscrapers and international companies. Due to which poor street dogs are not even getting a shelter. Friendicoes is providing homes, and food to street dogs in most of the metropolitan cities as well as in the rural areas. So, if you are an avid pet lover then you also want to do something good for these street animals. You can contact us to give donations for dog shelter and food.

Why do we need to donate for dog shelters?

Dogs are the kindest living being that everyone wants to keep as a pet. They can be your friends as well as your travel partner. You can play with them and can feed them to show love and care. These dogs ask for nothing but some love and care. You can make individual efforts to feed them the leftover food. Also, lay an old blanket on the outside of your house in a suitable place. Moreover, if you are unable to provide any help to them but can provide financial help then you can contact us to make them feel safe and protected in our shelters. We are providing shelter to all these dogs who are wandering miserably in this hot temperature in the streets of these overcrowded cities.

Additionally, if you have street dogs in your locality who are not getting enough food or shelter then you can contact us. We will make arrangements to bring them to our shelters and provide them with healthy food. Along with these, we have also made some arrangements for drinking water for these animals. Inadequate amounts of water in their body makes them feel thirsty and dehydrated. They can also get ill if they stay long in these climatic changes.

If you cannot make an individual effort for them then you can help us by providing the cash. Friendicoes ensure to provide them food, water, vaccination, and shelter to these dogs. So that they can get the much-needed protection, care and feeding from us.

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