About Us

In simple words we are dog buddy lovers who are simply trying to connect with the people who love this adorable creature living among us, seek our love but fail due to no reason. We see people buy various known breeds but no one wants these easily trainable, adorable, harmless which doesn’t require much care to live. We started this individually but later we felt the cause need more strength to succeed. So here we are
We are looking for people who can make them the part their family and love them the way they deserve. We are somewhere accountable for their uncontrollable proliferation. For instance these homeless buddies are depended on the garbage we throw recklessly; they feed on it and consequently keep breeding. It is our responsibility to mitigate their survival among us. Lets help these buddies and with our cordial endeavour we hope these homeless buddies will soon reach their families.


Our Vision

We wish we could change the name of this beautiful creature in the dictionary. Who doesn't love the wag? And the happiness on someone’s face every time they see you. So lets call them buddies which definitely suits them.


Our Mission

We simply want to find families for our homeless buddies and mitigate the deteriorating conditions of their birth control and provide shelter to those who haven’t reached their family yet. We also give emphasis on the generate compassion towards these adorable creatures.

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Help us achieve success in this campaign in anyway

  • Become a Volunteer
  • Raise donations
  • Help us reach such family who may adopt these homeless buddies
  • Spread our cause through your network
  • Spread awareness about Indian Breed
  • Benevolent Corner Foundation
  • Benevolent Corner Foundation